Custom framed paintings and photos

Custom Matting and Framing for your Paintings and Photography

Here are some examples of my custom framing jobs. I do a wide variety of projects from framing artist’s works for art shows, posters for restaurants, and even some sports memorabilia.
Custom Matting and Framing

Custom matted and framed paintings

This is one of Oskkar Walkers paintings I matted for his art show at the Three Cups Coffee House. It is double matted in a black 2” wood frame .

weathered cedar frame, double matted painting

Another one of Oskkar Walkers paintings I matted for his art show, this one is in a weathered cedar frame.

Sports memorabilia custom matted and framedseason tickets matted and framed

Sports memorabilia is another fun project. I selected matting colors to match the team colors and matted and framed their entire collection.

One of the largest projects I have done is matting and framing a bunch of posters and other art work for “Jay’s Mexican Bar & Grill” on Broadway St. here in Portland. We filled all their walls with beautiful art work.

frames for canvas paintings

These are some of the largest frames I have made. They are for canvas paintings that measured 3 feet by 5 feet. The artist Matt Josef gold leafed the frames prior to his art show. I was not able to attend the art show that night to get some final pictures but I’m sure after Matt gold leafed them they looked great.

If you would like me to do any custom matting or framing for you, follow the link and describe your custom painting or picture framing needs.

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