Media Kit

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring my YouTube Channel or Blog.  I am excited for the opportunity to work with you if we decide we are a good fit for each other.

I am not your typical YouTube creator.  My main business model is to create and sell my art.  As a result I am fairly picky about taking on sponsors.  I am only interest in companies that have a product offering that would complement or further support the type of art and furniture I want to build now and into the future.

Please Read the following before submitting your request.  


Long Term Sponsors 

I am more interested in building a long term relationship with a sponsor than doing a one off video featuring a single product.

If you are interested in providing products or services from your company, along with financial backing in exchange for advertising in my videos and blog, please use the contact form below so we can discuss the details.

Product Placement

If you have a product that you think I would like/use and want it to be used in a project video, feel free to ship it to me, free of charge with no obligation to use it, feature it, or pay for it.  Before shipping your product be sure you understand the following statements.

(“I”, “my”, “me”, or “mine” refers to Brian Benham or the entity(ies) of Benham Design Concepts.)

If I like the product I will use it when appropriate.  If I use your product in a project, most likely it will appear  in a video, in some capacity.

If I don’t like your product or deem it inappropriate for use in my shop, I will discard it or donate it.

If your product is available through Amazon, Highland Woodworking, or an affiliate of Avantlink I will most likely add an affiliate link in the description box of the video, and on the corresponding blog post.  If you have a coupon code for my audience I will add it beside the affiliate link.

If you want a dedicated video featuring your product, I don’t do that unless you are a sponsor with a long term support agreement we can discus the opportunity.  However, product placements in my videos are a great opportunity for your product to be seen being used by a professional.

I appreciate your efforts in sending me your products and will make an effort to use them in a project video when appropriate, if I like the product.  However, If you send a product, and become pushy about when I use it in a video, I will discard or donate your product and it will not be shown in any videos.  The videos I make are decided by the art and furniture I want to make, not by the products I receive (refer to the 2nd paragraph of this page).

ANY product sent will become the property of Benham Design Concepts

If you want the product returned to you, you MUST make arrangements with me prior to shipping it.  Additionally it must arrive with a prepaid shipping label, NOT sent separately or after the fact.  I make no guaranties what the condition of the product will be in when returned.  If it requires special handling or shipping procedures, any costs accrued in my time, from the shipping company or packaging materials are your responsibility not mine.

Un-Boxing Videos 

I don’t do that.

If you are interested in product placement or sponsoring my channel .  Please fill out the form below.