Asian support beam

Modern Madness Table Build

Modern contempoarary TableAs with a lot of modern design it is a pretty simple design, the table had all of two joints to cut. As a result I didn’t take vary many progress photos of this table as I built it.

Because the top is the most visible part, I built it first. That way I was able to select the best looking boards to feature on the top and use the rest to build the legs.

furniture dollyOf course, whenever there is heavy lifting to be done, my shop monkey is nowhere to be found. To help me move the tabletop around and out of the way so I could build the rest of the table I built two little carts. They worked great to help me roll the heavy top around by myself.

Hand cut mortise with chiselSince there were, only two joints to cut it didn’t make any since to jig up for power tools to cut them so I just did it by hand.

Asian support beamTo add a little interest to the center support beam I cut the ends at a slight angle to give it a little interest. The angle gave it a subtle Asian flare. It is amazing how one small subtle cut can change the whole feel of a piece. I guess that just goes to show the devil is in the details.

Mortised table topTo help add a little bit of extra rigidity to the legs I mortised them into the bottom of the table. This also helped line up the legs under the table when I did the final assembly.

Table-topThe table was finished using General Finishes Early American gel stain and a wipe on poly. The wood species was maple. It turned out great even though it was more heavy lifting than cutting awesome joinery.

For more information about my Custom Furniture.
You can see more completion photos of this table on my custom furniture website Custom Modern Table

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