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Handmade christmas ornament

It is inevitable being a woodworker, you are going to grow a pile of scraps. With the cost of wood these days many woodworkers, myself included hold on to these pieces as if they are gold, hording them away under the workbench or in the dark corners of the shop.

So what can you do to minimize the waste? Before each projects I sit down, take a few minutes, and carefully plan a cut list to minimize waste. Then anything that is still of any size I sort by species and stack under my workbench for later use.

But what about those tiny pieces, especially those from that really expensive rare exotic wood?
For those I toss in a bucket, and save them up until I have some spare time to turn them into something. I often glue them together and put them on the lathe using a technique call segmented woodturning. The process is essentially gluing segments of wood together and then turning it into something on the lathe.
Since it is close to Christmas time, I thought I would make a few wooden Christmas ornaments.
For more information and availability of my handcrafted Christmas Ornaments

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