ABA – Ask Brian Anything

If you have a question and I find it interesting and think it would make a good blog post, I might answer it by writing a blog post about it.

Conversely, I may find it interesting but not know the answer, so no response will be given.

Your questions can range from Design, Woodworking, Metal working, Business questions, Art Questions,  Building techniques, building code, whatever.

This is intended to be a fun way to answer peoples questions and engage with my readers.  I have no set timeline for when and if questions will be answered.  I want to keep it fun and not a burden.

If you need an immediate answer on something you are working on, please consider joining me on patreon, as Patreon supporters get top priority to questions answered.

    Note: I will keep your email confidential, it is only so I can ask a follow up or clarification question if I need to.

    I may use your first name in the post, for example “John asks bla bla bla”