Blue the Posing Horse

Blue the Horse posing for the camera

Blue the Horse posing for the cameraThis picture was taken at Cutty’s Resort in Colorado. They offer horseback riding, and is by far the best horse back rid I have been on. Most places take you on a mainly flat well-traveled trail. Here the trail was well traveled but not flat. We crossed streams, uphill and down hills and ducked under tree limbs. I don’t know if it was the advanced trail but we certainly didn’t just trot along, we had a great time navigating the backcountry on the hour-long ride.

The horse in the picture is named Blue. When we were done, I told her to pose for a picture so she lifted up her foot and held it long enough for me to snap a shot. Coincidence or a well-trained horse, I don’t know, but I think it is a great shot nonetheless.

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