Don’t Let The Status Quo Hold Your Art Back

Old Colorado City - Artist at Hunter Wolff Gallery
Old Colorado City - Artist at Hunter Wolff Gallery
Tony Heslop Raku Pottery At Hunter Wolff Gallery

How do you change the status quo to get the most out of life? Do you look for new challenges? New adventures? Push the envelope a little once in a while to learn what you are capable of doing?

In a recent conversation with a local artist, he said that he knows he isn’t improving or growing as an artist unless he brings new ideas to the forefront by challenging himself. He feels he isn’t doing his best work unless he sees improvement, and the status quo doesn’t work for him. Ever.

In 1991, Ronald Regan said, “Status quo, you know, that is Latin for “the mess we’re in.” At the time, that comment really resonated with me, and it has stuck all these years.  If you don’t like the mess in your life, change it.


I believe we all have the power to make change regardless of how messy things are, to challenge ourselves, to improve our current state of affairs.  I like to believe that collecting art is part of that process.  It enriches our lives.  It makes us see the world with different eyes and feel a connection to our fellow man.  Collectors find art that speaks to them and evokes emotion.


Art also transfers positive energy to our personal lives. Being immersed in the art business, I sometimes take that for granted. After being away from my gallery and art-filled home for a few weeks, I returned to experience what visitors see when they walk through the gallery door for the first time. It was reassuring to feel a much-needed escape from the status quo.


It is an important reminder that Hunter-Wolff Gallery focuses its goals on offering what is needed to stay uplifted and positive about the future. Take time to visit the work of fine artists. Look for work that is charged with energy and aesthetically appealing.  Fine art is the perfect antidote for the status quo.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow ~ Albert Einstein

Much of what makes The Hunter Wolff Gallery So Successful are all the Artists that push the status quo.  Below is a sampling of their work.


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