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How to build a Tube Guitar Amp in The Steampunk Style

How to build a Tube Guitar Amp in The Steampunk Style


Special Thanks To K&S Precision metals for manufacturing such great metal

Thank you Greg from Skyscraper Guitars for playing it for me.

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The original amp components are a 1950’s era Supro 5w amp with an odd 10?x6? Oval speaker.  After doing some research, this speaker size seems to be really rare, and only a handful of Supro amps were made with this speaker.  With the rare size speaker, I accented it with a segmented ring to trim it out.

The ring is made of walnut and accented with bands of Paduk wood.  The speaker is caged in a custom copper cage where I added a blue patination using various salts and acids.  The cabinet is made of walnut, and the controls are mounted on a copper plate with a similar patina.  To visually tie the speaker cabinet to the control box, I added an oval window to the side and positioned the power indicator light, adding a soft glow.  Then I added a similar round window to the side of the control box; all openings are outfitted with a copper grid.  Finally, one of my favorite parts was to show off the fact that it was originally a vintage tube guitar amp.  I mounted the amplifier tubes on the top of the control box and protected them with rings of copper that had the same patination as the rest of the copper.

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Building The Custom Guitar Amp

I took on this project to breathe new life into a 1950s Supro Guitar Amp. With its classic components but worn-out exterior, I saw an opportunity to create something unique—a custom case with a steampunk vibe to house these timeless elements.

1950's Supro Guitar Amp

I spent a fair amount of time at the lumber yard scouting for the perfect board with flowing grain and striking purple stripes. This would add character and complement the aesthetic I envisioned for the amp.

Sliding Dovetail Joinery

For Joinery, I opted for sliding dovetails as the method of choice. I set up the router table to cut each joint perfectly to ensure a snug fit.

Stopped sliding dovetail dados

Since the tails were not the full width of the base, I carefully stopped the dados so the dados would not show through.

Creating a grid with metal

K&S Precision Metals sponsored this video, and I used their metal rods to create unique decorative elements on the case. I drilled holes in designated spots to incorporate these metal pieces.  One spot was to create decorative widows with a decorative metal grid.

Woodworking courses taught by master craftsman Brain Benham

Frosted Glass with a sander

I backed the metal gride with plexiglass, which I sanded with a Random Orbital Sander to create a frosted look.

Oval Segmented Ring

I wanted to highlight the unique oval shape of the speaker. To achieve this, I designed and cut a segmented ring that would frame the speaker beautifully, accenting it with padauk wood.

Speaker cage

The amp’s tubes needed a secure and stylish mount to prevent wobbling. I used K&S metal to create a custom-made mount that perfectly fits the tubes.  I also created a cage to protect the speaker.

How to create aged copper

The final thing to do was to start the finishing process; I used a variety of chemicals to add some beautiful color to the metal and sealed the color in with sanding sealer before finishing the piece with one of my favorite wood-finished a conversion varnish.

Custom Steam Punk Guitar amp

The final thing to do was to let my friend Greg plug a guitar into it to see if it sounded good and get his opinion on the build

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