It’s Important to Buy Original Art

Painting from the Hunter Wolff Gallery

Painting from the Hunter Wolff Gallery

You can buy art just about anywhere, even at a big box store; after all, art is in the eye of the beholder, so if a piece speaks to you, go for it.  However, Keep in mind that a piece from a big box store is mass-produced and in thousands of homes. Therefore, you might consider how much more joy an original piece brings you.

Here are a few of the many reasons original art is worth it:

  • Art that is unique and original reverberates. It hums and sings throughout the space it occupies, making a connection with its viewers.
  • Art has infinitely more soul than a print or poster you bought at a low-cost retail store.
  • Art makes the world better, and the world is a better place with artists in it, and they deserve to be paid for their work. Would you work without paid holidays, vacations, sick time, pension plans, or 401Ks?
  • Art triggers our senses and emotions. Ever see a painting you loved or even one you hated? Either way, considering why you felt that way deepens your understanding of yourself.
  • Art gives us deeper insight into our community, society, and history.
  • Art unites us as a people, whether we appreciate it, collect it, create it or share it in some other way.
  • Art does not hurt us, and it does not care about your culture or race or gender or sexual orientation or religion, or financial status. It’s something we can share without prejudice.
  • Art tells stories, inspires us, makes us curious, and wants more.
  • Buying Original art supports not only the artist but the community they are a part of.


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