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Making a Custom Barn Door Floor Glide – Custom Hardware

Making a Custom Barn Door Floor Glide – Custom Hardware

A more in depth snip-it form the barn door build on how I handle the floor glide to keep the door from swinging when using a steel frame on the door.

Specialty Tools I used In this build:

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• Lincoln Mig welder 180 pro
• Hitachi 4 ½” angle grinder

Video Recap 

A while ago I built this barn door with a steel frame that encased the wood.  Since then I’ve had a few people ask me how I kept the bottom of the door from swinging around since most hardware kits come with this T.

Normally you would screw the T to the floor and route a slot in the bottom of your door for the T to slide in.

Since the base is metal that’s not really an option.

To make one that will work with this style of door I started out cutting a couple of short lengths of angle Iron.  About an 1” and a half long.  I then cut the L off of one of the pieces.

I cut a piece of scrap plywood 3/16” wider than the thickness of the door to uses as a spacer.  Then ground the 2 piece of angle iron until the just barely touched.

Clamped it to the jig and welded them up, the round them smooth.

I used the grinder to round over and ease the edges of the steel.

Once I was happy with the shape, I painted it black. Then used a little spray adhesive to attach some felt to it so it wouldn’t be steel grinding against steel and screwed it to the floor.


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