My Plan to take my woodworking to a high art level

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If woodworking is more than a hobby and you use your hands to make a living, you know there is a limit to how much you can make in a day.  Your hands can only work so fast.  If you want to make more you have to invest in machinery to automate tasks or hire more people to do more tasks.

Neither of these is especially pleasing to me.  For years I was a project manager for a construction company and having to babysit people was not an appealing part of the job, nor is using machinery to create an atmosphere of mass manufacturing making the same thing over and over again.

That is a boring way to make a living.  I find great satisfaction building one off custom items for customers and myself.  I love learning new things, new trades, and new techniques that will allow me to be more creative with the things that I make.

The unfortunate thing is that this is not a scalable business plan and is a hard way to keep the bills payed.  For each creative project I build I have to find that one customer that both shares the vision as well as have the money to fund the project.   Many times that customer is often unavailable.  As a result, I often have to set aside the creative projects I want to bring to life in favor of ones that will keep the bills paid.

This is why I joined Patreon. It is an effort to raise funds to allow me to turn down the mundane bill paying projects in favor of ones that will feed my creativity as well as help pay the bills.

I am not asking for money in exchange for nothing.  I want my patreon supporters to get something in return.  I have a lifetime of experience in making things.  I am a 3rd generation craftsman who spent many hours working alongside some great craftsmen of the past learning their craft and techniques.  If you join me on Patreon, you will have the opportunity to see behind the scenes of my YouTube videos and learn with me as I discover new techniques, as well as learn some of my time tested ones.

It is important to me that if you support me on patreon you get some value out of your contribution, it needs to be a two way street.  Please check out what I have to offer on my Patreon Page

Brian Benham on Patreon

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