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Why ask for funding for a blog? Well if you ask most bloggers, they will tell you they do it for fun and hope that they make money, and that is the case here. For most bloggers the Google ads and affiliate links, result in only a small trickle into their overall income stream. Unless you have a really popular blog with thousands of visitors each day, it is hard to make it pay for the time invested and hosting costs. To get to a point where the blog supports its self and starts to make a few bucks takes a lot of work and time writing articles, and that is why I am ask for your support.

If you enjoy reading articles on my blog or watching videos on my YouTube Channel and want to help me keep it going, please consider using the following methods to support this blog and YouTube Channel. By doing so you will not only be helping me by offsetting the hosting costs and time commitment of writing the articles, you are also helping to support the handmade/maker movement in America. Your support helps me purchase tools and materials used in the projects and keeps me motivate to write about the methods of work, and philosophies I use when building. It is my hope that others will learn from my articles, continue the craft, and teach the people they know.

There are several ways to support.

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If you use any of the affiliate links on this blog, when you go to make a purchase you will be helping support this blog, as each of the following companies give a percentage of your purchase in support.

Highland Woodworking

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Just by reading my articles and sharing them on your favorite social network helps. It may not result is direct cash but it helps build an audience which in turn attracts more supporters.

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  1. I became a life member back in 11/99, so in other words throw the card away and buy howto books when I need them

  2. I saw a video of a new ax and looked it up and saw what happened to you and I thank you for saving me a lot of hassle. Thanks

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