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  1. I received a ‘snail-mail’ magazine offer today from “The Family Handyman” which looks suspiciously like a reborn “Handy” Magazine. Just sayin’ …

    1. Nah, “The Family Handyman” is put out by the same people as “Reader’s Digest”. I used to have a subscription to that one, but let it lapse when my woodworking time got scarce. It’s not as good as some others, but it was a decent magazine back then. I think it was 8 issues a year, and I believe I subscribed through one of the school fund raisers where the kids go door to door selling magazine subscriptions. They probably have a website and might even be on facebook. It’s just a magazine, and probably pretty cheap.

  2. I joined Handyman Club of America, Master Life Membership, March 22, 2010.
    I paid my total membership, paid for the magazine subscription for several years, purchased several Hardback Books and purchased many tool items.

    I think I received two small test items. I called periodically asking when I might be getting another test item. I was always told I would be receiving one soon but never received anything.

    I have not received any literature, letters, magizines, correspondence of any kind in years.
    I tried calling the number provided in my membership kit to find that it’s been disconnected.
    I tried filing a complaint with them but I have no idea if it sent or was received.
    If someone could provide a valid email address or phone number, I’d really appreciate it.

    I feel like many others…..this was nothing but a scam. It’s really sad. I thought this was going to be a good investment but I was wrong.

    In my opinion, they have not withheld their end of the membership agreement. Therefore, I feel I should receive a refund for all monies I’ve paid. Honestly, considering consulting an Attorney on my own or checking to see if there might be an open class action suit. It is mny opinion they should be head accountable for breech of contract.

    I would love a response from anyone with any information they could provide.