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All products are printed to order.

“Support Handmade, buy from local artists”

This Coffee Mug features a sketch of the hand inlaid bow ties from the Japanese inspired bench I designed and built with a classic low angle jack plane.

Sketch by Brian Benham

To help manage the cost of inventory and labor involved in storing and shipping my apparel and other associated merchandise I have teamed up with a 3rd party “TeeSpring”.

You Will be directed to their website to complete the transaction.


Sculpted crack with bowties in bench“Support Handmade, buy from local artists” Apparel

Here is the bench I designed and built which inspired the design on this Coffee Cup.  It features a sketch I made of the hand inlaid bow ties.  The low angle jack plane was used to plane the walnut bow ties flush to the top of the bench.

The Apparel comes in a variety of styles and colors.

  • Coffee Cup
  • Sticker
  • Apparel
  • And More

Thank you for supporting my art, whether it’s buying a piece of furniture or a T shirt I designed.  It is all greatly appreciated and allows me to continue to create beautiful and interesting things.

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