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Hunter Wolff Art Gallery in Old Colorado City – Gallery Review

Hunter Wolff Gallery - Old Colorado City - Bronze Sculpture of Otter

If you go to Old Colorado City, I advise you to stop by the Hunter Wolff Art Gallery.  The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the artists they represent through the gallery. In addition, the owner has done a fantastic job curating the art to bring in a variety of works in different mediums, styles, and price points.

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If you want fine art, they can help you find the right piece to fit your style and budget.  The gallery represents about 60 artists, featuring bronze sculptures, blown glass, pottery, furniture, and paintings. In addition, there are some unique works of art that I am not sure how to classify; you will have to visit the gallery to see them for yourself.

The gallery owner is active in the community, sharing her knowledge, helping up-and-coming artists reach their potential, and helping art collectors curate their collections.  Every month, she organizes and promotes the First Friday Art Walk for all of Old Colorado City, supporting all the other galleries in the city to find success; she operates with the philosophy that a rising tide raises all ships.

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When visiting the gallery, you will notice that they take the time to get to know their clients and build relationships with them.  If you are there at any time, you will see clients stop in to say hi and talk about their art collections with the staff.  If you are serious about collecting art or want beautiful things in your homes, this is a gallery you will want to build a relationship with.

It is truly a 5-star Art Gallery.

The Hunter Wolff Gallery is a Fine Art Gallery located in Old Colorado City

2510 W Colorado Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80904


Why is it important to shop at local art galleries when on vacation

Shopping at local art galleries when on vacation is important for several reasons:

  1. Supporting Local Artists: Local art galleries often showcase the work of artists from the region. By purchasing art from these galleries, you’re directly supporting the local artistic community, helping artists sustain their livelihoods, and encouraging the growth of local arts and culture.
  2. Unique Souvenirs: Buying art from local galleries allows you to bring home unique and authentic souvenirs that reflect the spirit and creativity of your destination. These pieces remind you of your travel experience and can hold sentimental value for years to come.
  3. Cultural Experience: Exploring local art galleries provides insight into the cultural identity and artistic traditions of the region. It offers an opportunity to engage with local artists and learn about their techniques, inspirations, and stories behind their artworks, enriching your understanding of the local culture.
  4. Preserving Artistic Heritage: Supporting local art galleries preserves artistic heritage and traditions. It helps maintain the vibrancy of the local art scene, ensuring that traditional techniques and styles are passed down to future generations.
  5. Community Development: Shopping at local galleries contributes to the community’s economic development. It helps create jobs, stimulates the local economy, and fosters a sense of pride and identity within the community.
  6. Environmental Impact: Buying from local galleries often means reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation, as the artworks haven’t traveled long distances to reach you. This aligns with sustainable tourism practices, promoting environmental responsibility.

Overall, shopping at local art galleries while on vacation not only enhances your travel experience but also makes a positive impact on the destination’s cultural and economic landscape.

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