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The Bulge – Creating Intrigue in Your Design

The Bulge – Creating Intrigue in Your Design

James Krenov Style Wooden Drawer pull and handle

The Krenov style drawer pull has been one of my favorites, and I have incorporated a few variations into many of my pieces.  In this variation, instead of using a straight dowel, I turned the center part of the pull on my lathe, creating a subtle bulge in the center.

Not something you will notice from across the room, but you will most likely pick up on its subtleties as you reach out to pull open the drawer.

This practice of adding subtle easter eggs for people to discover as they interact with my work is something I love about designing.

When a client walks up to one of my pieces, I want them to have more things to discover.  They may not realize that it is there intentionally.  They may not even realize it’s there at all, but subconsciously, these details add to the piece and the observer’s overall experience when interacting with it.  They may think to themselves, “I can’t put my finger on it but there is something about this I like”

I take that as a design complement.

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