The one that got away

The one that got away

The one that got awayMy youngest daughter was spending a week at grandma’s house, so my oldest daughter Brynn wanted to go camping and try her hand at fishing. If you are not a fisherman, you may not know that fishing requires a fair amount of patience and waiting. I was afraid Brynn was going to get bored after the first hour, but once she caught her first fish it was game on.

We went fishing at Carmen Reservoir, which is where my grandfather took me for my first fishing trip. I figured it was a good start and having been up their many times I knew my way around the lake and where a few hot fishing holes where at.

While we were fishing their where several hawks flying overhead fishing as well, Brynn was fascinated with them. She watched the hawks all day as they were diving into the lake catching fish, and surprisingly diving close to our raft trying for their catch. Ironically, she almost caught one of those hawks with her pole.  Brynn had a fish on and was reeling it in, she had it about 5ft from the boat and out of know where, WHAM, there was a huge splash in the water, a hawk had swooped down and snatched Brynn’s fish.  The fish was still hooked to the line and all we heard was ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, the line was being stripped off the reeling as the hawk was fly away.  I thought for sure Brynn was going to let go of her fishing pole losing it in the lake, to the hawk.  However, she was determined to catch her fish and jerked on the pole still trying to reel it in. The jerking action knocked the hawk off balance and it splashed into the water, were it was their just long enough to catch its balance. Then it took flight again and flew off as Brynn yelled at it “HEY YOU TOOK MY FISH”.  I looked over at the lady fishing from the bank and the look on her face was priceless.  It was the same look the newscaster has on Discovery’s commercial, when the shark eats Snuffy the seal, for the shark week promo.  Brynn starts to reel in the rest of her line so we can reset, and starts screaming wildly, “Hey the fish is still on.”  She gets it back up to the raft, but is so excited, waving the fishing pole all over the place that the fish gets off before I could get it in the net.


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