Three Graces Rock Formation at The Garden of The Gods

From the plaza Three Graces Rock Formation at The Garden of The Gods

The Three Graces is a prominent rock formation located in the Garden of the Gods, a public park in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. The Garden of the Gods is known for its stunning red sandstone rock formations, and the Three Graces is one of the park’s most famous and recognizable formations.

The Three Graces are three towering red sandstone rock pillars that stand close together, giving them their name. They are a popular attraction for visitors to the park and offer great opportunities for photography and hiking. The Garden of the Gods is a designated National Natural Landmark and is famous for its dramatic geology and beautiful vistas.

The type of rock formation is called narrow fountain fins. There is a small plaza located on the south foot of the formation that hosts a variety of ceremonial events. This picture was taken from across the plaza. If you want to take a photograph for yourself, it is best to go in the morning because the light will be better and there will be fewer people in the way of the shot.   We were there before noon, and we still had to wait a long time for the masses to move on and all the kids to stop climbing all over the base before getting a good shot.

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Three Graces Rock Formation at The Garden of The GodsThis picture of Three Graces was taken from up on the hill. The hike to get up there offered wonderful views of the park.  There are quite a few less-traveled hiking trails, so if you want to get away from the crowded tourist paths, consider exploring some of the less-traveled trails in the park.  You won’t be disappointed.  However, it is best to adhere to the warning to stay on the trail. It is more likely to encounter rattlesnakes on these trails as there is not as much noise as in the main part of the park.

Bonsai Tree at the Garden of the Gods

Bonsai Tree at the Garden of the GodsThis tree is probably about 20 feet tall. However, its trunk and branch structure is what every bonsai artist strives to achieve.

Cactus at the Garden of the Gods

Cactus at the Garden of the Gods

This cactus is only about 3” tall. Several areas in the garden have large patches of these little cacti.

After moving here, witnessing the harsh snowy winters, and being at such a high elevation, I was surprised to see so many cacti growing in the area.  I supposed the high elevation, and harsh winter environment is what prevents any of them from growing to any size.
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Main Path at the Garden of The Gods

Main Path at the Garden of the Gods, Photography for sale

This photo was taken looking back at the main path after you entered the Garden of the Gods.

Fence in Foreground at the Garden of The Gods

Fence in Foreground at the Garden of The Gods | Photography for saleWe hiked around most of the day at the Garden Of The Gods, so I can’t remember what part of the park this picture was taken from. However, I spent some time here experimenting with different compositions to include the fence in the foreground of the picture. In the end, I liked this composition the best.

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