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What is Craftsman Style Furniture

What is Craftsman Style Furniture

Craftsman style furniture, also known as Arts and Crafts style furniture or Mission style furniture, is a style of furniture that originated in the late 19th and early 20th century. It is characterized by its simplicity, quality craftsmanship, and focus on natural materials.

This style typically features clean lines, and exposed joinery, with an emphasis on the beauty of the natural wood grain. The style is often associated with using quarter-sawn oak to show off those beautiful ray flex that can only be seen in quarter-sawn wood.  As the style grew in popularity, other woods, such as cherry, mahogany, and maple, were also used.  Many pieces are often multifunctional, handmade, and known for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.  Allowing them to last for generations.

The Craftsman style was part of a broader Arts and Crafts movement that sought to counteract mass production and industrialization by promoting traditional craftsmanship and celebrating the skill of the craftsmen who built the furniture. The style was popularized by furniture makers such as Gustav Stickley and Charles Rennie Mackintosh and continues to be a popular choice for furniture today.

One of the most famous designers of craftsman-style furniture is Gustav Stickley. Stickley’s furniture is known for its simplicity and beauty, with timeless and elegant pieces. Stickley’s designs are often made of oak and are known for their clean lines and geometric shapes.

Craftsman-style furniture is versatile and can be used in a variety of settings. It is often used in homes that are designed with arts and crafts or mission-style aesthetics. However, it can also be used in modern homes that want to incorporate traditional elements into their design and support local craftsmen.

If purchased from a local furniture maker, Craftsman-style furniture can also be environmentally friendly. The pieces are often made of sustainably harvested wood and are designed to be long-lasting. This means that they do not need to be replaced as often as other types of furniture, reducing waste and minimizing the environmental impact.  You are unlikely to get this from a mass-produced big box furniture store.

If you’re looking for beautiful and functional furniture, craftsman-style furniture is a great option and way to support your local craftsperson.


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