When Is It Time To Buy Original Art

Sculpture by Adam Long - Hunter Wolff Gallery
Sculpture by Adam Long - Hunter Wolff Gallery
Sculpture by Adam Long – Hunter Wolff Gallery

When is it time to buy original art?  Once it becomes clear that art is capable of providing a lifetime of gratification and enjoyment, that’s the time to buy!  If you are not convinced that art is worth owning, consider some of the points below before dismissing the idea of owning original art when the time moves you.

  • Art encourages people to ask questions, introspect, think about new ideas, experience fresh new perspectives, and most importantly, it can be a gateway to stepping out of our busy lives to reflect on more than the daily existence.
  • Art improves one’s quality of life. Consider the difference between a room with bare walls and one with art personally chosen to reflect an owner’s style and taste. It personalizes and humanizes the places where we live and work. Art revives lifeless and transforms them into unique, inviting, and engaging environments.
  • Art stimulates conversation, dialogue, and even friendship between total strangers who might never otherwise say a single word to each other. It gives people permission to share thoughts, feelings, ideas, and impressions.
  • Art prompts children to ask questions and encourages them to fantasize, imagine, explore and expand their perceptions of reality and dream of unlimited possibilities. Art teaches children how to be creative and have fun with life and gives them permission to do so as well.
  • An original work of art is not only visually appealing, but it also radiates the personality, abilities, creativity, insight, inspiration, technical mastery, attitudes, and at its best, the brilliance and genius of the artist who created it. People who own art are able to experience and be inspired and uplifted by these qualities.
  • An original work of art reflects, enhances, and sometimes even magnifies the personality of the individual who owns it.
  • Art makes people proud to live and recreate where they do. They point to their museums, public artworks, galleries, non-profits, and cultural institutions with pride.
  • Owning original art has unequivocally positive effects for those who own it. Simply put, it makes life more livable.
  • Art can be environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and easy to maintain. It does not increase global warming, use fossil fuels, or need to be serviced regularly, and it’s certainly not just another expendable commodity destined for the landfill. Art never outlives its usefulness. In fact, it only gets better with time.


These are just a few of the many reasons why original art is a powerful form of expression for the artists who create it and those who own it. Art allows people to express their individuality and represent their beliefs, feelings, hopes, convictions, and philosophies in socially and visually acceptable and redeeming ways.  Hunter-Wolff Gallery is ready to show you more reasons to consider adding original art to your life.


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