Woodworking Machines

Below are the go-to woodworking machines I use to build my custom furniture in my shop.

Are these tools the best, maybe so maybe not? When I buy tools, I try to buy the best tool I can afford or the best tool that makes sense for the current situation. Sometimes this is the top of the line tool on the market; sometimes, it is the best I can afford at that time, so please keep that in mind when making buying decisions based on my recommendations below. Also, keep in mind that we may have different skill levels and experiences. Some products take time to learn how to use and get good results, so your results may vary.

With all that said, rest assured, if I have used a tool or product that performs below expectations, I will never include it in this list. I will also remove tools and products from this list if they do not perform up to expectations. In the long run, If I find a better tool or product in the future, I will update this list.

And finally, after 20 years of buying tools, some of the tools have stood the test of time, but the manufacture no longer makes that exact model.  If that is the case, I will try to find a comparable model to the one I use and list it below.

Not all, but most of the following links are affiliate links, and I may earn a small commission if you make purchases after following these links. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Stationary Machines