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An Ode to the Mighty Dovetail Joint

An Ode to the Mighty Dovetail Joint

A dovetail joint, so fine and true, A master craftsman’s work to do, With saw and chisel, a steady hand, Create a bond that’s strong and grand.

First mark the lines, so neat and clean, Where cuts will meet, and shapes convene, A slope so slight, but crucial still, For a perfect fit, and joint to fill.

Then cut away the waste, with care, And shape the tails, so sharp and fair, A perfect match, to mark and score, The mating piece, to be secure.

With sliding dovetails, join them well, And make the joint, so strong to tell, A bond that’s true, for all to see, A work of art, for eternity.

So take your time, and cut with pride. A dovetail joint, so rare inside, A testament to skill and craft, A thing of beauty that will last.


Please contact me if you would like to commission a quality handcrafted piece of furniture using dovetail joints.

I’m the owner of Benham Design Concepts, a mixed media art studio where I design and build custom furniture and other works of art using wood, glass, stone, and various metals.
In this blog, I talk about the art I create, my journey, and the things I learn along the way.