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How To Build A Scandinavian Modern Round Dining Table

How To Build A Scandinavian Modern Round Dining Table

How To Build A Scandinavian Modern Round Dining Table. This dining table is made in a modern Scandinavian style for a client who moved to Colorado from Sweden. I hope it reminds her of a little bit of home every time she sits down for a meal. It is made from solid cherry; the top edge is rounded over to create a pillowed effect along the edge. The legs are angled from all sides and sculpted to a similar pillowed effect that is on the edge of the tabletop.
It is approximately 42” DIA and stands 30” tall.


Specialty Tools I Used (affiliate links)
WoodRiver Low Jack Plane
Japanese Dozuki Saw
Starbond CA Glue
CA Glue Accelerator

More on this Dining table.

The Build Process

Today, I’m building this Scandinavian Modern Round Table…..Or is it a mid-century modern table?

My client and I had a bit of a discussion behind the scenes on what it was, but the client is from Sweden, and she called it Scandinavian, so that’s what I’m going to go with.

Woodworking courses taught by master craftsman Brain Benham

Preparing the Top:

The journey begins with meticulous material preparation for the Dining table’s top. Ensuring the right thickness and carefully selecting pieces with the best grain flow, I take the time to plan and execute the perfect glue-up.  I use dominos to help keep everything aligned and reduce the amount of sanding needed after the glue-up. When placing the dominos, I make sure I place them out of the path of the router that will cut the circle.  I don’t want the dominos to show on the edge of my circle!

Clamping the dining table top

Circle Cutting Jig:

In a previous video, I showcased the creation of a simple yet fully adjustable circle-cutting jig. Employing this tool, I cut out the circular shape needed for the table, using a large thumbnail bit to achieve a pillowed edge through multiple passes.

Circle Cuttting Jig

Leg Design and Template:

With a vision in mind for the legs, I sketch guidelines for height and a centerline. After experimenting with angles and curves, a plywood template is crafted, serving as a guide for routing all legs in the same shape.


Dining Table Leg Template

Leg Construction:

The legs take form with precision cuts using a track saw and band saw. I glue the template to the workpiece with CA glue to ensure a smooth routing process; I carefully adjust the leg angles until satisfied.

Leg Template to pattern route


Joinery and Assembly:

The challenge of creating tight-fitting joints is tackled, with floating tenons allowing for test fits and adjustments. The legs are traced against the template, roughed out at the band saw, and refined using a router table to match the template.

Floating Tenon Joinery


Half-Lap Joint:

Cross braces featuring a half-lap joint are crafted by hand. The process involves marking, sawing, chiseling, and careful fitting to achieve a seamless connection.

How to cut a Half Lap Joint


Leg Shaping and Tapering:

Tapering is done by affixing the legs to a plywood piece and cutting the waste with the band saw. The final shaping of the legs is done with a thumbnail round-over bit.  Then, a final touch-up with a handplane to dial everything in.

Handplaning leg shape


Refinement and Completion: After test fitting and additional adjustments, the legs are refined using a jack plane and sander. The final assembly involves gluing the leg assemblies together and attaching them to the top with screws.

Finishing Touch: For the perfect finish for my dining table, I applied several clear coats of satin poly to bring out the natural beauty of the wood, providing a durable and attractive finish.

Scandinavian round dining table

Conclusion: That is how to build a modern Scandinavian round dining table.  I’m pleased with the outcome of this woodworking journey, and I hope you enjoyed the process as much as I did. For more updates on my projects, follow me on Instagram, and don’t forget to subscribe for future videos. Thank you for joining me in this creative endeavor!

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