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Building the Executive Desk with Copper Ring

Building the Executive Desk with Copper Ring

This Executive Desk build was an ambitious project, to say the least, mainly because of its size and attention to detail needed to complete the grid work and segmented ring to house each piece of copper.  Like many of my projects, I like to push myself to try new things.  This project was no different.  I tried a new patina process on the copper and got some amazing results in the finished patina—yet another learning experience.

The desk structure is made of cherry and accented with a walnut grid and segmented ring.  The segmented ring has cherry strip accents between each segment. And each section of gridwork is accented with copper, which has a patination on it.  The grid workflows around all sides of the desk, even across the bottom file drawers.

The bottom file drawers have a custom backstop to customize the drawer depth, allowing you to adjust the depth depending on your file storage needs.  The top drawer is configured with a custom pencil and desk accessories organizer.  The drawer handles are made from walnut and integrated into the top of the drawer.

The top was made from two live-edge walnut slabs seamed together, with one of the cracks in the slab stabilized with wenge bowties.

If you want to see how it was made, Below is a playlist of nine videos showing the process.

For more info on this Custom Executive Desk

Photos of the desk


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