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How to Build A Box Style Floating Shelves

How to Build A Box Style Floating Shelves

There are all kinds of ways to build floating shelves.  The objective behind these shelves was two-fold.  One to have a contemporary feel to them. With that in mind, I designed the shelves to have a contemporary modern look to them by muttering all edges of the endcaps so no end grain was showing.  I used veneer on the box’s top and bottom pieces instead of solid wood to prevent wood movement.  Wood moves across its width more so than its length, so if I were to use solid wood on the top and bottom, the movement would pull the wood apart at the corners.  Since the center band/front of the shelf grain is all going in the same direction, it was safe to say that those pieces would all move together.

I used a traditional cleat screwed to the wall to hang the shelf, which the shelf was then attached to with a few strategically placed trim screws.

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