How To Build an Assembly Table, Torsion Box Workbench – Woodworking

torsion box

Having a flat sturdy work surface to build off of will make your glue-ups and assemblies come out squarer than working on a haphazard top. So in this video, I built a Torsion Box assembly table, to give me a flat surface to work from. The top also doubles as a workbench in my small shop, with an end vise and set of dog holes to add additional work holding.

The overall bench is 48×96 and about 36″ tall.

If you would like to build one, a full set of plans are available.

If you are interested in how I built it watch the video below

This assembly table features a torsion box top to provide me with a dead flat sturdy workbench.

A  woodworking vice and bench dog holes for a great work holding experience.

Electrical outlets on each side for quick access to power your tools when you need to.

Flip-up mobile base to keep your work area flexible.

I have already put it to use on quite a few projects and love the large work surface, along with its flexibility to go from a workbench, to an assembly table

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