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Table Saw Tool Organizer that Hangs From the Ceiling

Table Saw Tool Organizer

I’m running out of space in my shop, and it started to feel disorganized. Couple that with the fact that I am absent-minded when it comes to where I set down the last tool I had in my hand, which made me realize that it was time to get better organized in the shop.  So, I built this tool organizer that hangs from the ceiling.

I wanted it to contain all the tools I use on a regular basis so everything would be right at hand when I needed it.  I also wanted to be sure everything had a home so that when it was time to clean up the shop, everything had a place to go.

I started out by knolling all the tools I thought I would need.  I started with the most important and most used tools closest to the blade.  This, of course, was the push sticks; safety first!

Once I had everything laid out the way I wanted it on my workbench, I took some measurements and started building it.

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The price of plywood is nuts right now, so I built it out of knotty alder, which was a bit cheaper than plywood, and accented it with walnut. I know, I know, walnut for shop furniture. Really? But I spend most of my time in my shop, and I want it to be an inviting place to hang out.

Once I had it built, I sprayed a finish on it and hung it from the ceiling.  When I hung it from the ceiling, I took special care to be sure it was not hanging directly over the blade in case something fell.  It’s just far enough over that I can safely operate the saw without it interlining but can still quickly grab the tools I need when I need them.  I also made sure that I didn’t hang it so far back that I had to lean over the saw to reach any tools.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and there is still room for expansion if I decide I need additional tools at the ready when working on the table saw.

If you are interested in the visual of how this went together, please check out the video.

How to Organize Your Table Saw Tools: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re tired of rummaging through a cluttered workshop to find the right tool for your table saw, it’s time to consider organizing your space. In this step-by-step guide, I’ll walk you through the process of creating a custom tool rack to keep your table saw tools neatly arranged and easily accessible.

Step 1: Assess Your Tool Collection

Arrange tools how you like them

Before you start building your tool rack, take a moment to assess the tools you use most frequently with your table saw. This includes items like push sticks, blades, squares, feather boards, miter gauges, and table saw inserts.

Step 2: Plan Your Layout

Begin by planning how everything will fit on the rack. Consider the frequency of use for each tool and prioritize easy access. Follow the example in the video where tools are organized in specific sections based on their usage.

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Step 3: Create a Safe Zone

Designate specific areas on the tool rack for tools that might interfere with each other. In the video, the creator marks a “safe zone” to ensure that tools with varying sizes and configurations can coexist without causing any obstructions.

Step 4: Measure and Document

Once tools are arranged, measure how big you will need to build your rack

Take accurate measurements of your tool rack layout and document them. This information will guide you when building the rack and help you create a reference for future adjustments.

Step 5: Select and Prepare the Material

Alder Wood

In the video, alder wood is chosen for the tool rack. Choose a material that suits your preference and budget. Mill the material to the desired dimensions and prepare it for assembly.

Step 6: Assemble the Backdrop

Backer board for tool rack

Construct the backdrop of the tool rack using the milled material.  Sand the assembled piece for a clean finish.

Step 7: Cut and Shape the Components

Custom fit for tools

Cut the components for the tool rack, such as the bottom tray, support pieces, and mounting clips. Shape notches in the support pieces to accommodate specific tools, as demonstrated in the video.

Step 8: Create Tool Holders

Custom Tool Holder

Drill holes for bolts and create holders for tools that need to be hung securely. In the video, the creator demonstrates creating notches for holding the miter gauge securely.  Attach walnut straps across the support pieces to secure the tools in place. Customize the length of the straps based on the tool’s size, ensuring a snug fit.

Step 10: Final Touches

Hanging the tool rack

Complete the assembly by rounding over the edges and making any final adjustments. Ensure that the tool rack is sturdy and ready to be mounted in your workshop.

By following these steps, you’ll have a custom tool rack that keeps your table saw tools organized, easily accessible, and ready for your next woodworking project. Enjoy the convenience of a well-organized workspace!

I’m the owner of Benham Design Concepts, a mixed media art studio where I design and build custom furniture and other works of art using wood, glass, stone, and various metals.
In this blog, I talk about the art I create, my journey, and the things I learn along the way.