How to Print a Template to Scale in Adobe Illustrator From Sketchup

how to make a print to scale template

Learning Adobe Illustrator has helped me out a lot on the design side of my business.  I know their are other simpler programs out their that will create printable templates.  However being able to converse with other design professionals such as interior designers and architects in a language they understand, has gotten me hired for the job many times.  The Adobe CC seems to be the industry standard among may design professionals.

So in this video I show you a way to use Adobe Illustrator to create a printable template similar to the one used on the pattern I carved out in last weeks build a bookshelf video.  I go from A screen shot in SketchUp to a paper pattern that is printed to scale with registration marks to help tape the sheets together.  I printed the pattern out on my inkjet on standard 8 1/2″ by 11″ paper.

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