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What Are Standard Table Heights

What Are Standard Table Heights

Tables come in various heights depending on their intended use and design.  It’s important to note that these are general guidelines, and the actual height of a table can vary depending on the manufacturer, style, and regional preferences. When choosing a table, consider the intended use, the chairs or seating that will accompany it, and the overall aesthetic and ergonomics you desire for your space.  Most importantly, if you need a specific table, you can always have a Bespoke Furniture Maker design and build a custom table for your specific needs.

How Tall is a Standard Dining Table?

Dining Table is usually 28" to 32" in height

A standard Dining Room Table is typically between 28 and 32 inches tall, with the average table being around 30″ in height.

These tables are best paired with dining chairs with a seat height between 17 and 23 inches.  When selecting a chair to go with your dining table, it is important to consider the width of the apron, the height of the table, and the size of the people who are most likely to use the table. Ensure they do not hit their knees on the table apron and the table top is about elbow height.  +/- an inch or so.  This will ensure a pleasurable dining experience.

If you need an ADA-compliant table, it should be no taller than 34 inches. The distance between the bottom of the apron and the floor should be at least 27 inches for proper knee clearance.  From the edge of the table to any center, support should be at least 19 inches, with a width between table legs of 30 inches. For more info, check out my post on ADA-Compliant Dining Tables, which have specific requirements.

How Tall Are Counter Height Table?

Counter Height tables are between 34" and 40". Most common is 36"

Counter Height Tables range between 34 and 40 inches. The most common is 36″, which is about the same height as kitchen countertops.

Counter-height tables are best paired with chairs and stools that range in seat height between 24 and 30 inches.  A 25″ seat height generally pairs well with a 36″ tall table.  However, when selecting seating for counter height tables, consider knee clearance under the apron of the table, as well as allowing the elbow to land about the same height as the tabletop.  Also, consider whether or not your feet rest comfortably on a crossbar. Dangling feet are uncomfortable and cause the edge of the seat to cut off circulation to the legs.  In the picture above, the bar stool selected is too tall. It crowds the knees.

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How Tall Are Pub or Bar Height Tables?

Pub and Bar Height tables are 41" to 43" tall

Pub or Bar Height Tables range between 41 and 43 inches.  The most common height is 42 inches, which is the standard height of a commercial bar.

Bar tables are paired best with bar stools that have a seat height between 30 and 32 inches, with the ideal height being 32 inches, as this allows a comfortable 10 inches between the top of the bar and the seat of the bar stool.  Another consideration in selecting a bar stool is a lower cross brace that acts as a footrest since you cannot touch the floor with your feet.  These footrests are typically located between 16 and 20 inches down from the top of the seat.  It has been reported that the most comfortable spacing is 18″.

How Tall Are Extra Tall Tables?

Extra Tall Tables are between 44 and 47 inches tall

Extra Tall Tables are between 44 and 47 inches tall.

These tables are not as common as bar-height tables and are usually found in boutique restaurants and coffee shops.  Oftentimes times, they are not paired with bar stools, as their intended use is to stand at them or casually lean against them.  However, if you want to equip them with bar stools, they are best paired with bar stools that range in height between 34 and 37 inches.  The same rules apply as their slightly short bar height cussins utilizing the 10-inch spacing between the tabletop and seat top as well as having a footrest located between 16 and 20 inches down from the top of the seat.  It has been reported that the most comfortable spacing is 18″.


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