Walnut Round Table

Building a Round Walnut Table

Walnut Rount Table drawingMy current project in the shop is a 48” diameter round solid wood walnut table. The tabletop will be constructed of 8 walnut planks glued together. The legs will have a slight taper, and per customer request the apron of the table will be a minimal of 2 ¼” tall to provide maximum legroom to prevent from banging knees.

Project Update 2/23/2013

The Top is cut out. I used a homemade compass jig on my router to cut the circle out. This is probably one of the largest circles I have ever made from wood. I`m going to be sad to see it go, it is a lot of fun to roll around the shop.
Cut out top

Project Update 2/26/2013

Mortises cut out on tappered legg
Mortises cut out in the legs, and ready to cut the taper. I find it easier to cut all the joinery before I cut the final shape in the legs. This way I will always have a square corner to reference from. To cut the final shape of the legs, I will be using a shop made jig that I saw Norm use on the New Yankee workshop. God Bless Norm, he is like the meat and potatoes when it comes to homemade jigs for the shop.

Project Update 2/27/2013

Assembled base
Base assembled, this is my second go around. After I did my test fit I decided that the legs where set too far back from the edge of the table and it just looked awkward. I ended up re-cutting new aprons a bit longer to push the legs out further to the edge of the table, now it looks a lot better.

Project Update 2/28/2013

first coat of finish
First coat of finish is on. I used a danish oil as the 1st coat. I find that the danish oil really brings out the natural color of the wood. The final top coats will be a wipe on poly. For a dinning room table I will probably go to 4-5 coats to finish. Depending on how thick of a build up I get will determine exactly how may coats I use.

I am finishing the legs and top separately for easy of spreading the finish. I will do a test fit of the top and do the final assembly on site when I deliver the piece.

Project Update: Finished Table 3/01/2013

Walnut Table, Solid wood furniture handcrafted by Brian Benham

Follow the link if you would like me to build you a round walnut table.

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